Teaching the Art of Swiss Watchmaking

Full Time Program



    Traditional watchmaking training is based on two disciplines: micromechanics and watch service. Micromechanics teaches the student how to design and handcraft spare parts which may no longer be available. This field requires manual dexterity, good eyesight, as well as a great deal of concentration and patience.



    Watch service, the second discipline of traditional watchmaking, teaches the student how to diagnose and service all functions and components of the watch.  On the movement side, disassembling/assembling, diagnosing, identifying wear, cleaning, oiling, adjusting, as well as polishing/refurbishing cases and bracelets and waterproofing. 



    Creative and motivational opportunities are integrated throughout the program. The Student Watch Project challenges students to apply their developing skills by re-manufacturing components for their student watches. Having the ability to create functional hand-finished components encourages individuality and fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment.


    LWT is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive learning experience to prepare them for the rigors and challenges of the watchmaking profession.  Our faculty of professional watchmakers are passionate about their vocation and are committed to training a new generation of full-fledged watchmakers.



    Sales of high quality watches have grown exponentially over the past decade. Our graduates develop superior watchmaking skills which are necessary to provide the level of reliable service that these fine mechanisms require.  As with all mechanical devices, watch movements need regular maintenance in order to assure long-term reliability.    Typically, a fully trained watchmaker plays an important support role in the retail jewelry environment where fine timepieces are sold and serviced. Responsibilities include technical brand support, customer consultation, and managing product performance expectations. The specialized training provided at LWT is a solid foundation for a successful career in watchmaking.



    Our curriculum combines centuries-old watchmaking techniques with the latest diagnostic applications utilizing state-of-the-art electronic equipment. The Lititz Watch Technicum is the pathway to a fascinating and rewarding future in the high grade after-sales service environment.