Teaching the Art of Swiss Watchmaking


Going Forward

For over a decade and half, we at The Lititz Watch Technicum have been working tirelessly on our educational programs to adapt to, and meet, the increasing demands of the highend watchmaking market for an exceptionally qualified workforce. Those demands include the ability to juggle technical, logistical, and customer service needs of elite watch brands and exclusive retailers.

img165Initially, the Lititz Watch Technicum focused on finding applicants primarily with strong dexterity and mechanical comprehension skills. As the scope of the after-sales service market widened, so have the criteria for the most qualified watchmaking professionals. This results in expanded testing for communication, social, technical and conceptual thinking skills. As the bar has raised, and as the qualifications broadened, the pool of authentically qualified individuals has naturally become smaller. In order to stay true to our mission, and ensure employers are able to select from a pool of the most skillful, and market competent watchmakers available, we have intensified our requirements for admission. This  may naturally reduce the number of acceptances into our prestigious program as we continue forward.