Teaching the Art of Swiss Watchmaking



SAWTA is an entity created by Rolex to ensure standardized curriculum design, implementation, proficiency testing and certification primarily for the Rolex-funded watchmaking schools in the United States.

The principal outcomes of our SAWTA curriculum are graduates that are qualified for employment in environments that are typically perceived as challenging, as they require a wide range of hard and soft skills and knowledge, like technical positions in high-end retail environments or technical management positions in service centers of the watch industry. In two years, our students begin to learn the profession in its full scope, both in theory and in practice.

Our SAWTA curriculum is unique because we cover the entire watch – servicing/repairing movements, polishing case and bracelet, casing the movement, waterproofing the watch – as well as necessary administrative skills (order/inventory of spare parts, bookkeeping, etc.) and general professionalism when it comes to communication with customers and suppliers, knowledge of industry, etc. – all skills needed by an independent watchmaker.